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The art of being a tree…










Who can master the art of being a rock?  Yes, she can….cori rockco 121613001_01





To find such a collection of diverse talent in such a small town in such a remote spot constitutes one of the most incredible aspects of living in the Boulder area. Visitors and newcomers are frequently flat out astonished at the number of artists living here – defined in a more traditional meaning of art there is a  multitude of songwriters and other musicians, to painters, poets and fiction writers, artisans of jewelry, clothing, essential oils, natural plant-derived creams, furniture – the list continues, as anybody who wants to express him- or herself in an inspired creative way should be considered an artist, too: You’ve heard of  the art of healing, dealing,  the art of farming and gardening…..you name it.

Clearly, something in the landscapes and the vital energy of the place serves as a powerful draw for creative spirits – people of all kinds, whether “artists” or not, who have found they cannot thrive amidst the insipid banality of mainstream American culture. They come here not to escape, but to explore, freely, who they are and what this Earthly existence is all about.


Anselm Spring   (Multimedia and more)

Bob Phillips  (Journalist, essayist, singer/songwriter)

David Heaton  (Photographer, portrait, Nature)

Raymond Shurtz   (Playwright, poet, singer/songwriter)

Bess Benett   ( Painter,  truly an artist )

Constance Lynn  (Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Healer)

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