The redemption of the world depends on the individual, whose world it is.
To say the least: Each of us should act as if all of the future of the world
and mankind depends on us.
Anything else is escaping responsibility.

                                                ( Joseph Weizenbaum )


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Humans are living at a critical juncture in time, as evidenced by the chaos taking place around the globe as institutions of all kinds face unprecedented challenges and in many cases, complete collapse. The vital human spirit, in all of it immense creativity, must now express itself in profound fashion if there is to be hope for a better future. It is not only the beauty and truth expressed through art that must rise to the occasion, it is the very creative essence and freedom-loving spirit of each individual that must manifest in a fearless and honest fashion if we are to evolve as we have to in order to survive. At this point in history, it is no longer a question of philosophy or life aesthetics – human freedom and humanity as a whole are very much in peril of succumbing to the twin tyrannies of perpetual war and increasing economic exploitation of the masses by the super wealthy. From the grassroots up to the very halls of power, people must forcefully express their most potent yearning for freedom and individual expression.


A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus and/or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. It often is political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. ( from Wikipedia )


hawah panoHawah – instructive feminine structures (by Anselm Spring   > conceptual Art / Mixed Media )

Art Imagination and Freedom

By Bob Phillips

In a world where human freedom is increasingly constrained and the vital creative process that gave rise to the best of human civilization is crushed [….] Art could become the unifying, edifying heart of need evolutionary and revolutionary change, as well as a colorful release from the drudgery of the artificial world of clocks, schedules and dictates. Art is not meant to cover up or escape the ugliness and injustice of the world, but to point to higher truths that defy those unpleasant worldly realities.

More fundamentally, engagement in art can release the genius within each individual, freeing up the vital human yearning for truth and freedom and helping create a more just and beautiful world [….]  We see someone who is simply experiencing what is all around all of us, and within us, and expressing what they see and feel the best they can in a unique, personal and artful fashion.

(Art) offers no right or wrong answers.

(Art) , like nature, like music, like ecstatic joy in appreciation of the wonderfully aesthetic Creation, heals us. It makes us smile, laugh, dance, nod in understanding. It makes us remember what we continue to forget about life, its beauty, and its brief precious bittersweet experience. Art helps us escape rigid, conformist doctrine, indoctrination, limitation, servility. It helps make us free, or more properly, it helps us remember that we are always free.

(Art) provides the antithesis of societal artificiality. It sticks its thumb at times in the eye of authority. It proclaims in ways that only art can do: “The emperor has no clothes. Doesn’t he look funny? Why is everyone afraid?”

marylin woman revised “The Passion of Barbelo”  ( by Anselm Spring > Conceptual Art / Multimedia ) 


 For children who are learning – in the schools and outside those walled confines – the emphasis on universal, strict, right and wrong answers makes for a conformist, robotic citizenry with large numbers of severely unhappy and maladapted people …our schools, our media and all the other social institutions today offer little or nothing to a young mind and heart in search of life’s meaning.

 …..the world needs new ideas, new visions, new hope. Art can help provide that….  Songs of protest and rebellion, songs yearning for justice and freedom for all people, resonate more powerfully than mere words alone can. Political street theater that makes people laugh, is well crafted and wittily, fearlessly pointed at the powers that be, proves more effective than long diatribes in the newspaper. ….We face a world in which our “best and brightest” are thoroughly and relentlessly indoctrinated since birth to believe in a make-believe facade of reality that hides the most vicious anti-human agendas imaginable.…   For these reasons, art and the creative process must be promoted, encouraged, fostered and appreciated to the maximum if there is to be hope for a world tomorrow in which a sincere and creative soul can flourish.

(The whole article can be read here in this website at  Who is Who | Bob Phillips)


All photographs by Anselm Spring

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