Let’s Talk About SPAM

Comment the commentaries:


I find it quite interesting how fast the sharks in the cosmic social media aquarium react: Spam mail without end, way too often people who want sell something especially  sex (- phantasies) with nude little innocent lolitas… reason enough for me to start the “let’s talk about spam” blog. As long as the springhill-artbeat.com  site displayed the photograph  of a beautiful landscape there were hardly any comments.


After I changed the cover image to “La Petite Ballerina “ within days I got over one-thousand.  I begin to wonder if some  google or other algorythms interprete photographs of underage girls as  promising prey for Viagra-freaks and pedophiles of all sorts. 

ballerina stargazer

Raybuko, my great poet-friend warned me, not to use the photo of  “La petite Ballerina” in her sweet pink Tutu as an eye-catcher for the springhillArtbeat Homepage: Anselm, don’t use this image, you’ll fuckion’ get flak for this sooner or later ..    people will think this is the  “Ol’ Man’s “ – website for pedophiles and young bucks who want to jerk of….


Maybe I was a little naïve , because what I see in this photograph is something else:

For Mary Magdalene’s  sake,  this little girl ’s dreamin’  about being a great ballerina, a star …. she sees her name written in the yet unnamed star on Hollywood Boulevard. She wants to be somebody famous, with a name, an identity  and fortune in a weirdly wired  materialistic world.

The irony of all this is:  Some time ago I have been asked by a German publishing house affiliated with the Catholic Chruch to illustrate the standard bible with images of my liking. No censorship, complete artistic freedom ( God bless the  Roman Catholic Church and may its priesthood find strength to live up to its standards  ). One of the photographs I have used was “La Petite Ballerina” in context with a quote from the sermon on ther mount: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” 

Well this girl, still pure in heart saw (her) God(dess) : Nobodyelse, but herself, maybe her true Self,  her soul wanting to manifest its self-perfected state. She’s an innocent dreamer, she uses her imagination  and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be, as some mad ass crazyivan posted, his   preteenassprincessoilingupheramazingtittieslookfuckinghotvideomademesowetsheisachildfuckinilikeapro.   

No doubt: There are predators in the corporate-religious- political-entertainment-military  complex, who will abuse and exploit (our) dreams and ideals between the wet and filthy bed-sheets of their fucked-up macho worlds.

As an artist, who tries to look beyond, under and above  human moral judgement,  I am  inspired by  this spam-scam-cum-dot-com:  Now I am working on a new song , titled “Lil’ Tit” . Once it’s finished  I’ll post it on springhill-artbeat.com

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