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You are welcome to post your own opinion, insights or -if you wish-  criticize, advise without feelings of constraint.  Here’s a question: What  do you think is  “conspiring” and what is “inspiring” ?
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This a  funny, irritating and at first glance maybe even obscene  photograph, ain’t it?  What does it mean beyond what it was? Could it be       – as some conspiracy theorists may contend-  a perfect symbol for …………Tricky_Finger_Composite_01

  The photo was shot during the 4th of July Parade in Provo,  Utah , which is sometimes branded as the ultra-conservativ Mormon capital  What caught my attention as a photographer was little Miss Liberty watching.  Her shadow on concrete Freedom Boulevard. Any student of photography would have seen that…..  but then, believe it or not, this monstrous phallus walked right  into  my picture. Click, click, click ……  what the heck!    The two innocent girls, their hearts probably still pure as dewdrops, probably didn’t think much of it. But I did after exposing film, no digital tricks this time:  Whoever sculpted Uncle Sam’s pink paper mache finger  must have inspired the new twerk-queen Miley Cyrus humping a foam finger in front of millions. But they could not foresee that some  omnipresent, all-seeing omniscient and very powerful, yet humorous “presence”  would use someone’s dirty photographic mind to make a point.


 I’ve heard quite a few independent people interpret the image almost the same way:   Yeah, ain’t that  Uncle Sam  telling innocent Miss Liberty I Want You  -  s!!! my d!!!.  If you’re not willing,  I’ll knock you to your knees.

We, the people, are bystanders, watchers in the dark. Most of us feel quite comfortable sitting in a comfy chair, sipping soda-pops (especially in the alcohol-free zone of Provo ) on the sunny side of main street casting dark shadows on the real world….   as a photographer in the streets of reality I often was stunned what could happen “drawn with light”  ( >  photography, derived from the Greek  photos- for “light” and -graphos for “drawing”)  It is not unusual that a photograph is elevated beyond the moment in which it was taken; it may become a symbol with deeper meaning.

Uncle Sam, Big brother, Big Government, Lady Liberty, Power, Potency – aren’t these the  ingredients of conspiracies? Digging deep into all these theories can be inspiring and illuminating. God forbid! Illuminati!  Enlightenment.   Inspiring conspiracies? Yes!  But inspiring (a) conspiracy? No! But wait a moment – maybe YES!  Not all conspiracies are evil. Just think of what happened in the “Green Dragon”  in Boston.  Wasn’t the idea of a free nation conceived there?  The United States of America, that is.

Following quote from Wikipedia : After the death of William Douglas,  the tavern passed to his sister, who sold it to the St. Andrews Lodge of  Freemasons in 1766. The Freemasons used the first floor for their meeting rooms. The basement tavern was used by several secret groups and became known by historians as the “Headquarters of the Revolution”. The Sons of Liberty , Boston Comittee of Correspondence and the Boston Caucus each met there. The Boston Tea Party was planned there and Paul Revere was sent from there to Lexington on his famous ride. In January 1788, a meeting of the mechanics and artisans of Boston passed a series of resolutions urging the importance of adopting the Federal Constitution pending at the time before a convention of delegates from around Massachusetts.

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inspiring (a) conspiracy   inbox :        Fred.A.    11/9/2013 ,  9:17 AM ( 5 Minutes ago)

…….it’s a free country andyou can do what you want to do. But I wouldn’t leave that item on the blog. It’s too much “old man’s fantasy”….I find it extremely embarassing…….

Anselm Spring  <>  9:41 AM   to .                                                                                                                                                           Hi Fritz,   sorry, but this time I ain’t gonna listen to your always welcome advice. I won’t remove it, because as you really set it straight: It’s an old man’s fantasy. But the Ol’ Man is Uncle Sam  and there a quite few old man with exactly that same fantasies – and unfortunately quite a few young men, too. Liberty as we all know is a lady ………  and it’s very embarassing that the proverbial Ol’ Man still tries to subject the feminine to HIS will.



What do you think is the most vicious conspiracy, right now and here?





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