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For all things considered and possible it would be magical to meet the criteria of what is called “State of the Arts”.  After the terrible experience of “degenerate art”   in Hitler’s  Third Empire, Germany, when after World War II it – supervised by the United States of America  -  had to rewrite its constitution.   “Freedom of Art” as a constitutional right was protected and guaranteed and only a breach of the constitution itself could limit it.

Once all of our way life becomes  the proverbial  ”State of the Arts”, shouldn’t we then be free?    

 Rather than being the ideal consumer who follows the dictates of the corporate world of money, state  and churches we, the people should become independent makers and creators.

 3-10-08024_25Donald, the fairy-duck, reading from his poetry book.


Poetry is a word of Greek origin. It comes from a verb which means “to make, to create”. ( quote: It may be just a linguistic twist but just the thought to create with words is fascinating. So” God must have been a poet or could it be that poets are “gods”.  So what are we waiting for? Power to the poet, more power to the people who can vote  and make beautiful sounds!

Photos and artwork by Anselm Spring  ( > conceptual Art / Mixed media  >  Angels and Demons )